Lano Easy Lawn

Lano articicial lawn is an amazing alternative to a conventional grass lawn as it requires very little in the way of maintenance.


• Quick and easy installation • Looks and feels like natural grass • UV-resistant • Minimal maintenance, mowing unnecessary • Extremely durable in all weather conditions • A lush green garden all year round • Environmentally-friendly


• Gardens • Swimming pool surrounds • Patios and verandas • Balconies • Greenhouses • Terraces and roof gardens • Lounges • Houseboats and yachts • Caravans and mobile homes

An artificial turf lawn is easy to maintain It is important to regularly remove leaves, twigs and other organic material, either with a leaf blower / vacuum cleaner, a stiff brush or a rake. Larger objects such as branches must be removed manually. If moss appears in areas where there is not enough sunlight, an anti-moss treatment could be necessary, preferably applied during the spring and autumn. Use a bio-degradable product for this; never use acidic liquids or bleach as these chemicals could damage the fibres if applied in too high a concentration. There is no need to remove snow and ice from the surface; simply allow to melt and drain off. Animal droppings should be removed as soon as possible, after which the artificial turf should be rinsed with water. Substances such as oil, acids, solvents or fuels should never come into contact with your artificial lawns. Do not throw cigarette butts on the turf and do not expose the turf to fire, fireworks, welding activities or barbecues, as this could cause the fibres to melt and clump together. For installation instructions, visit or contact your representative.

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