Joint it simple 20kg

Joint it simple 20kg SALE

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  • Joint-It Simple is a ready-mixed, permeable, jointing compound that can be applied in all weathers.It replaces traditional mortars and grouts with a more modern and efficient product that is Cement Free!
  • Joint-It Simple can be applied to Concrete Paving Slabs, Cobbles, and Natural Stones including – Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Slate, Concrete Slabs, Yorkstone, and Porcelain tiles.
  • Joint It All Weather Paving Mortar 'Rain or Shine it goes in fine' The best and easiest way to point your driveway or patio. Joint it is a ready to use self curing jointing material for ALL types of paving.
  • Capable of being used on joints as small as 3mm with a minimum depth of 25mm. Joint it is a fast and easy way of jointing your paving without the need for any special tools or skilled labour.
  • Designed for use in all weather, Stain Free- Suitable for use on all types of paving with no staining!