This stunning Bead & Butt style Ledge and Brace solid rustic white Oak door is a contemporary spin on a timeless design which has 4 bead and butt profile planks. A door of outstanding quality. Braces sold seperately.

  • The Bead & Butt door has plenty of character which creates a premium feel wherever they're hung. Adds a contemporary spin on the Ledged and Brace with the Bead and Butt design in between the planks. High quality assembly - screwed and plugged in the rear.
  • A truly unique and stand out door, the Bead and Butt style of Ledged and Brace door brings both a homely, rustic feel as well as a contemporary spin. Both modern and contemporary fittings can be used easily which is further proof of its versatility.
  • Easy to install for a competent DIYer, additional fittings may be necessary to install if there is no door currently present - please follow the fitting instructions included with the product.
  • A door with many benefits such as excellent heat retention as it's thicker than standard doors and soundproofing thanks to its denser construction. Tough, resilient and reliable on top of being a great looking solid Oak door.
  • Made from premium 100% natural solid oak. As the door is a natural product it may contain small splits and shakes, knots and worm tracks which in some cases enhances its look in a rustic setting.
  • Made of premium 100% real solid oak which can easily add class wherever they are hung. This door is a very distinct door as it has a modern design while using natural products. A truly magnificent piece created by expert door makers.
  • Solid Oak is naturally strong, consistent and stable to last years and deserving of its premier reputation. The Ledged and Brace Bead and Butt door will not only enhance the decor but it will give you years and years of use.