Padlock brenton Bolt Zinc Plated

Padlock brenton Bolt Zinc Plated


The Forge Padlock Bolts or Brenton Bolts are used to secure gates, or doors which require locking with a padlock. The Forge padlock bolt is designed for heavy-duty use with a strong steel bolt and locking collar. It comes in a variety of sizes and are either black powder coated or galvanised.

Supplied with fixings for screwing into position and also bolt through fixings for additional security.

Fitting Instructions: 
1. Position Padlock bolt in the desired position and mark the square fixing holes with a pencil. 
2. Drill holes using a Ø6mm drillbit and use the bolts provided to fasten in place. 
3. Position the keep and ensure that the bolt moves freely through the hole.

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