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Bagged Cement

Portland Cement BS EN 197-1:2011 CEM I Class 52,5N


Premium cement is a high quality bagged cement and is used in many applications where site-mixing is required.

The quality of all bagged cement produced by the company is guaranteed to meet in full the requirements of British Standard BS EN 197-1 “Cement Part 1: Composition, Specifications and Conformity Criteria for Common Cements” and carries the CE mark.


How Cement Is Produced

Portland Cement is produced by grinding a combination of cement clinker, using grinding aids, along with a small quantities of gypsum and limestone to produce the final fine grey powder. Cement clinker is made by fusing together, at high temperatures, a precisely controlled blend of very finely ground limestone and shale.  


Premium Cement (bagged) is suitable for a wide range of applications such as general concreting, blocklaying and plastering applications. It is also used in grouting applications.

Premium Cement (bagged) is suitable for use with a wide range of additives and admixtures. 


Declarations of Performance (DoP’s) and all other technical data are available in our Downloads section.