YBS SuperQuilt Multi Foil 40mm 15m2 roll BBA approved LABC registered

YBS SuperQuilt Multi Foil 40mm 15m2 roll BBA approved LABC registered SALE


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SuperQuilt, the Best Performing Multifoil on the Market, is a flexible, easy to install, multilayer insulation offering tremendous thermal benefits. The unique composition of the product effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer.

YBS SuperQuilt multifoil insulation is a 40mm thick lightweight, flexible and versatile insulation product that can perform well in roofs, walls and floors. It’s designed to reduce cold bridging and reduce heat build-up in summer months as it reflects infra-red radiation and deals with the 3 forms of energy transfer. As well as offering a high thermal resistance at the core of 1.52 m2K/W, conduction, radiation and convection are all dealt with by YBS SuperQuilt.

Tested to EN16012, the high core thermal resistance of YBS SuperQuilt is achieved thanks to the multiple layers and special composition of the product. NHBC accepted and meeting the requirements of both L1A and its addition L1B 2010, YBS SuperQuilt multifoil insulation can be installed in new builds and retrofitted into refurbishment projects to improve the building envelope. 

YBS SuperQuilt has applications in roofs, walls and floors. For roofs, YBS SuperQuilt can be used both over and under rafters as well as between and around purlins. When in accordance with good building practice and fixing instructions it can also be used as a vapour control layer if the joints are sealed with a foil tape. YBS SuperQuilt is easy to fit into timber frames, cavity walls, dry lining and external walls as well as in suspended timber ceilings, crawl spaces and floating timbers too.

Installing YBS SuperQuilt multifoil

This tear-resistant multifoil insulation can be easily cut with a craft knife or scissors to get to the right size. Once this has been achieved you need to be sure you have a minimum 25mm air gap on either side of the product, which can be achieved with battens. 

When YBS SuperQuilt is in place it can be fixed using 14mm stainless steel or galvanized steel staples at regular intervals. Please ensure there is a 50mm overlap and all joints are tapped with 75mm YBS foil tape. YBS SuperQuilt in most applications is applied directly from the roll, having been pulled taut and then stapled in place.

YBS SuperQuilt Properties

Roll Length: 10m
Roll Width: 1.5m
Roll Total Coverage: 15m2
Roll Thickness: 40mm
Core Thermal Resistance: 1.52m2K/W
Fire Resistance: Certified to Class E BSEN 13501-1
Water Vapour Resistance: 1569 MNs/g